Lauren Elaine Fall/Winter 2011

Reinventing the “princess” archetype for modern women, Lauren Elaine is the epitome of elegance and Hollywood influence. Modeling since the age of 13, she has had vast exposure to the world of fashion and design.

A double threat as both model and designer, with a BA in film production, it is clear as to how her Fall/Winter 2011 runway show, including video introduction and interludes, was impeccably presented.

Staged in Castle Antiques in North Hollywood, CA, quests enjoyed a masquerade themed cocktail hour surrounded by chic museum worthy furniture. As fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and photographers took their places, the lights dimmed and an opening video introduced the audience to the old Hollywood glamour that is Lauren Elaine Designs. Subsequently following the short film, a masked ballerina slowly glided on toe shoes down the runway– and so began a presentation of varied length dresses, embellished with feathers, pearls, tulle, and ruffles.

Models with teased tresses pranced down the antique store floor, some with lace fingerless gloves and others accessorized with black knee socks, complimenting their black high heels. While each dress showed Elaine’s attention to detail, the most memorable were a large tulle ball gown and a floor length flowing dress with black feather shoulders, both of which were truly “princess” worthy. After a spectacle of starlet dressed models, the show closed with an antique couch for a final all model encompassing close: a bookend to the show as well as a photography opportunity for journalists.

Designed under the overall theme of being a “masked labyrinth” and inspired by Elaine’s recent trip to Venice, the collection catered to an upscale young female audience. Always trying to improve on her last collection, Elaine wanted her pieces to exude enough radiance that young women could wear the dresses not only to prom but to debutante balls as well. Differing from her past Fall/Winter collection in that it includes more embellishments like feathers, Elaine chooses not to be compared to the Black Swan costumes but instead to a darker more upscale growth from her previous designs.

The only question left in female audience members’ minds was “where was Lauren Elaine when I was scouring endless stores for my prom dress?”

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