Lisa Burke for Lisa Blue-Compassion for Conservation and Design

The rain did not stop Lisa Blue from putting on the best show during Miami Swim Week on Sunday, July 17th at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami!!  With a fully packed house, Australian swimwear designer Lisa Blue showed 35 looks from the 2012 collection.  Looks from the collection were inspired by the following stories – Galactic Warrior Princess, Galactic ET Angel, Cherry Blossom, Golden Eve, Sunrise and Turquoise Delight.

Attendees were raving about the spectacular styles that come down the runway last night.  Lisa Blue was referred to as the designer to watch, with prints and colors that are on trend and will soon be gracing the bodies of women across America next season.

Springing from the renowned coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, Lisa Blue brings unique, beautiful swimwear to the world.  Designer Lisa Burke’s swimwear label Lisa Blue was born out of a love of conservation, spirituality and a respect for all people.  She has a passion for whale and dolphin conservation in Australia.  Pledging 25% of her profits to helping save the whales and dolphins, the label is Burke’s way of doing something for the environment after a life-changing experience with a humpback whale.  The money is donated to the Australian Whale Conservation Society

Lisa Blue is a pioneer in combining beautiful fashion together with a cause to help preserve our marine life.  Lisa Blue reflects the inner beauty of the modern girl who cares to make a difference.  This is the way of the future.

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