Model Stephanie Nogueras

An American model of Puerto Rican descent, Stephanie Nogueras is only 21 years old, but already firmly on the path that will lead her to her dreams.

Though born deaf, Stephanie has lived her life knowing nothing would stop her. Her own drive and her “wonderful parents”, who moved from New Jersey to Frederick, Maryland for her to attend school, were the forces behind her confidence. The school she attended had a very large deaf community, for which she is grateful.

“I am profoundly deaf since birth. There is nothing to be ashamed of because I love who I am! It does make me beautiful & stronger.”

Her interest in modeling started when she was in high school.

” A lot of people encouraged me to be a model for career because of my photogenic & natural modeling. I finally had enough high self-esteem and started modeling during the first year at college with student photographers”, Stephanie said.

A college student majoring in psychology, on her way to earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree, Stephanie managed to squeeze in the jobs that started coming her way.  With her portfolio expanding and her opportunities increasing, her motivation rose even higher.

She got a huge boost by a celebrity stylist/photographer in Philadelphia for Laurentius Salon.  The photographs were stunning & beautiful, and were hyped by the photographer.

She faced rejection and obstacles and more than her share of no’s, but that did not stop Stephanie. She never let it stop her.

But could she overcome what is usually a very huge handicap in the industry of modelling? Height!

Oh, did we mention that Stephanie is only 5′ 1″?

“Being a model is not easy. Since I am Deaf and a petite (5’1) are double obstacles, it does affect my life dramatically. [I am] often rejected & discriminated based on my deafness in my life in this business,” Stephanie said. “There are many and plenty of doors waiting for me to enter. I always have faith in myself!”

Doors, indeed! More like revolving doors!

Stephanie was chosen as the winner of Bella Petite Cover Girl Magazine. The Petite of the Week with Isobella Jade.  She has appeared on’s blog. She is represented by Deafinit Models Management Company. One of photographs was published in an international magazine called “Germany Life Insight”, a deaf lifestyle news magazine.

Her long term goals are to finish her degree, continue her career in modeling and to take it as far as she can take it. She wants to be a “well known deaf model in the world”. She wants to be a good role model for the deaf community and to raise the awareness and respect in the hearing community for the deaf community.

She is currently following her dreams and working her hardest to achieve the goals that she has set.

We asked Stephanie to give us an idea of what her everyday fashion is like.

She used to cut and save pictures out of fashion magazines of styles she liked. She adores beanie hats, with which she says she has an obsession, and loves to wear beautiful scarves. Her trick to looking taller is leggings, “because it does make me look great as a petite.”

Stephanie  is just as lovely inside as she is on the outside. We certainly wish good things for Stephanie and see a wonderful future ahead of her.

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She is beautiful and sounds as beautiful inside. Great article, hope we get more like this!


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