From Backstage To Strutting The Runway…Model Amanda Fields Tells All!

At 5pm on March 13th Models start to stroll in to Vibiana to start prepping for day 2 of LA FW. There is nothing more thrilling than the excitement and high energy of a fashion show. I am going to take you  behind the scenes with Americas Top Model from season 3 Amanda Fields.

Amanda has had the honor of working with Armani Prive’, Louis Vuitton, Zac Posen, Marc By Marc Jacobs and many other top designers. She let me in on a little secret. Her first big moment on the runway was during America’s Next Top Model’s Fashion Show. She felt a huge adrenaline rush strutting down the runway. At the end of the catwalk she struck a couple poses for the hungry photographers and when she started walking back she had a big grin on her face. Now lets go back stage with Amanda Fields and watch from start to finish her experience during LA FW. It’s 5:00 p.m. Amanda walks backstage sporting her black leggings, heels and Cozy Roxy Cardigan. She is well prepared with her Louis Vutitton Hand Bag and her over-sized tote.  In her tote she has a pair of ballet flats, an extra pair of black heels in case the designer’s short on shoes and to keep track of all her auditions she carries her planner. To stay entertained she has a crossword puzzle book and scene books from acting. To stay healthy and energized she carries with her vitamin water, green machine juice, energy bar and fruit. She has makeup wipes so she is prepared for the next casting or show. She brings her camera just in case her phone dies and there is an opportunity for a great pic. From 5:30-6:30 Amanda’s hair is styled with beachy curls. Next she shows me her first look of the night. All the looks are lined up on rolling racks. She is look 3 & 25. Amanda talks about how the XCVI pieces are so cool, effortless and easy to wear. She sits around chatting with friends and taking pix awaiting makeup. At 7:00 Amanda sits in the makeup chair. Her nails are painted black with gold glitter on top. Next is makeup. The look is bold yellow glitter eye shadow with long eye lash extensions, a touch of peach blush at the apples and red glossy lips with flecks of gold. She explains there is so much preparation for the show and then its over before you know it. The stage manager starts to speed things up. Amanda needs to quickly finish getting her makeup done and get into her first look. Show time is in 30 minutes!! 8:30 Amanda glides onto the runway while a violinists performs over pop music. Back stage she rushes to get on her next look to wow the crowd again. She’s ready for the finale and to take her last walk down the runway for the night.

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