L.A. Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!

Everyone who’s anyone was standing outside the incredible house of fashion, Vibianna last night. I wore my Red Carpet Worthy teal sequin dress by Backstage. This was to be the most Anticipated night of LA FW 2012! Backstage I have a chat with the beautiful and charming Christiana. She tells me she will be walking in the Octavio Show. Christiana is thrilled to be a part of this production tonight. The designer is so Amazing she says. He is really hands on with his collection and working with the models. He always makes time for a backstage pic. The look of the collection is very retro. Think vintage YSL. The hair is pulled back into a sleek elegant ponytail. Makeup is glamourous with grey eyeshadow and red lips. The Furne One Collection is guarded with yellow caution tape. Over the top couture gown are lined up one by one ready to be seen by all of the privileged people who made the guest list. The Crowd is wowed by the retro feel of Octavio. Models own the runway with their long legs wearing sexy tights with black and gold elegant sassy dresses. After Octavio, guests trickle out in the courtyard to be Seen. After all they didn’t dress up for nothing! These guests brought their A Game tonight! Models mingled looking Fabulous in their street style. Ladies showed off their glowing skin in tight bustiers, fringe mini skirts and plunging dresses. The crowd pours in fighting over front row seats for the Furne One Fashion Show! This is a seat worth fighting for! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered I sat front row to bring you a first look at the Furne One Show. Lights go dark and then lights up. It’s Alive!!! Models walk like robots down the Catwalk in body suits with embellished jewels, electric head bands with lights and neck braces with antennas. Yes its definitely Aliiiiiiiiiive!!! Models heads were wrapped in cellophane and they wore intricate pastel gowns with dramatic futuristic shoulders and sheer skirts. The Finale was beyond Amazing!! A model glides down the runway in a Dramatic cream chiffon ruffle train which takes over the entire stage. As she flaps her arms you can see Furne One embroidered on the back. The crowd stands up cheering. Huge standing O for Furne One. After the performance their is news backstage that Yes, Lady Gaga was watching the Furne One show Live Stream!! It looks like she could be wearing Furne One this year! If Alexis Lerma, Furne One’s US Rep has anything to do with it, it will happen! Alexis has put Furne One on the map with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. She is Un-Stoppable!! Celebrity stylist Tiffany La Vonne talks about how she loved the Furne One Collection. ¬†After the show models posed on the runway while we all snapped our cameras.

Live, Breath & Love Fashion!

XOXO Susanne















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