New York City Artist Exhibition: SKIN

“Skin has become inadequate in interfacing with reality… technology has become the body’s new membrane of existence” a quote by the famous Korean-American artist, Nam June Paik, was the inspiration behind a group of young artists’ latest exhibition in Manhattan, New York.

Nam June Paik, this inspirational character, for this art show, is historically noted for being the first video artist, and for coining the term “super highway” in the early 1970’s! With this, as the starting point of inspiration, for the collective work, the three Parsons’ artists utilized this idea, and took it as far as the medias used for the projects (such as juxtaposing naturally-made elements, with electronic devices and such). The other artists, Jeesu Kim, Dylan Fisher, Jessica Tang, Laura Heinzinger, also were involved in creating pieces for this gallery, at a New School space, in downtown Manhattan. All of the artists involved are currently enrolled students or past alumni of the New School, having majored in the Fine Art undergraduate program at Parsons. The show was curated by Jeesu Kim, Laura Heinzinger and Nicki Muller.

Ms. Muller expressed to Fashion News Live that Nam Jun Paik‘s quote related technology to the modern society’s everyday experience and existence, and this concept was easily grasped by the artists involved in this project, because of the fact that this is what they do observe, in the everyday New York scene. Furthermore, she spoke of a place referred to as cityspace, or an area where an electronic devices as seen capturing images and conversations at anytime, anywhere. Additionally the technological devices are ultimately seen as reality and identity, in today’s culture. In conclusion, she is quoted for stating, “delving into areas of environment, identity, the internet, and pop culture, we (are able to) celebrate our SKIN. Exploring our experiences mediated through technology, the internet, and how this affects how we perceive identity, environment, time, and memory.”

Paintings and the two-dimensional, artwork creations all contain a sense of mystique and personal meaning for the young artist, Ms. Muller. Although Nicki Muller, is not afraid to create paintings by solely using black and white pigments, she also composes creative, colorful paintings, as well as designer apparel collections, for runways. This young artist is also known for donating her time and talents, as a re-occurring fashion designer for the charity Sisters On The Runway, The New York City New School Division.


Above: Parsons Student Nicki Muller photographed in front of one of her artworks for gallery show SKIN. (Photo Credit: Photographer Hayden Manders)

Above: Guests at Opening of SKIN, admire in awe the two-dimensional art by Nicki Muller. (Photo Credit: Photographer Hayden Manders)

Above: Mixed media artwork from SKIN exhibition. Materials included real tree branches and leaves, as well as an electronic device. This is a wonderfully ironic, and fascinating installation piece. (Photo Credit: Photographer Hayden Manders)


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