Colbert and Wintour: Ready for a Hot Date to Talk About a Hot Topic

There was an absolutely hilarious exchange between Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue Magazine, and Stephen Colbert on “The Colbert Report”

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They spoke about everything from zebra stripe sweat pants to Gay Marriage and President Obama. Here are the funny excerpts from the show:

Colbert: Is there ever a time when you can not care about fashion? Do you ever say to yourself, “to hell with this,” and just put on a pair of zebra-striped sweatpants, and go to Long John Silver’s and just lose yourself in a pile of batter-fried shrimp?
Wintour: Well, I haven’t done it recently, but maybe now you suggest it, perhaps I should try it?
Colbert: Perhaps you and I —
Wintour: Together!
Colbert: Could go bobbing for French fries!
Wintour: Why not? It’s a date!

Then Stephen started rubbing her a little bit the wrong way by making a sideways crack to her about “The Devil Wears Prada” movie, (which everyone knows was a veiled, maybe not so veiled, attempt by Meryl Streep doing an Anna Wintour impression)

Wintour: A designer like Miuccia Prada, she’s going far deeper than just simply things that you put on your back. She’s examining things that are happening in the world through art, through film, through music, and that’s really what this exhibition is really trying to talk about.
Colbert: Well, I don’t really trust Prada.
Wintour: Well you’re wro—
Colbert: Because my understanding is, the devil wears Prada. And this is a Christian nation, madam!
Wintour: That movie was so last year. I mean, we’ve gone way beyond that movie.

She then spoke about the reaction to Obama giving his personal endorsement of Gay Marriage.

“I am thrilled. There were tears in the office atVogue today in the support of gay marriage. We’re thrilled about the president”

Then about Colbert’s lack of real style.

Wintour said,”Don’t you think you could take a few more risks with the way you’re dressing?”.

I think Anna was witty, likeable and actually enjoyed her time with Colbert.

Watch the clip and see for yourself!

PS. The scuttlebutt on the internet about Anna and her appearance on the show was pretty positive. My favorite comment that I read about her reaction to his quip about “The Devil Wears Prada” crack was this:

“I don’t think she was that “prickly” when he brought up the movie. I think it makes any interviewer look bad when they keep bringing up a topic that the person has answered repeatedly in other interviews. Use the time to bring up new topics, otherwise it’s just a waste of time. Anna Wintour is America’s Sweetheart.If she was really so cold, she’d be a republican.”  CMACSURAK

Here is a clip of the interview:

Anna Wintour on The Colbert Report

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