Not the “Last Dance”, Donna Summer. Your’s Will Always Go On.

The artist that made these songs # 1’s  “Love to Love You Baby”, “On the Radio”, “She Works Hard for the Money”, “Bad Girls”, Donna Summer, is dead at the age of 63 of cancer.

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Donna Summer was the “Queen of Disco” in an age of shiny clothing, sparkly excess. and a Studio 54 mentality.

Summer’s tried to hide her illness from everyone,  and sources say even as recently as two weeks ago she seemed to not be in that bad of shape. Her close friends said she did not want everyone to know, according to a report noted in TMZ.

Beside some decisions that she said helped lead her down a road to depression and addiction, she also had  little controversy in her life making statements that were seemingly judgmental and insensitive to many in an era when AIDS was becoming an epidemic and still pegged as a homesexual’s disease (though she apologized later for them).

Her greatness in opening up a whole era  and style of dance club music that many artists today have embraced and/or carried into their own styles of club  music  will definitely keep us dancing either through remix or style.

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