NYC Event: “Beyond Earth” / Art by Ian Pawelec and Fashion Apparel by Geoffrey Mac

This evening in New York City, downtown shop Misha Nicole presented the public with a tasteful and unique art opening and runway show collection presentation. The cohesion of the fashion collection and artwork were displayed so brilliantly together, throughout the store!

MISHA NICOLE’s mission is to fuse art, fashion and culture. “Both Pawelec and Mac’s pieces strive to go further than the contemporary and explore that which is truly outside our realm Beyond Earth broadens the context of art and fashion challenging the viewer to see the interconnections and contrasts of functional design and fine art that is driven by the immense scope of all that is beyond us.” (Quote obtained via official event press release.)

The name of exhibition, by painter Ian Pawelec, displayed throughout the boutique, is called “Expression of the Abstract”. His inspiration originated from an exploration of the abstract, and what we can not comprehend. Additionally, he expressed to Fashion News Live, his excitement for this collaboration event, and how the colors, energy, and inspiration all worked well with designer Geoffrey Mac’s collection. Mediums used to create his powerful pieces included: powdered pigment based paint mixed with acrylic and spray enamel, and ink.

The Misha Nicole boutique, located in the heart of NoHo, screened a video of Mac’s full runway show with an adjacent display previewing Fall 2012 samples. Designer Geoffrey Mac spoke to Fashion News Live about his inspiration for both his Spring and Fall/Winter lines. For Spring global tribe, was in full bloom, with a twist of elements from various cultures, and a unique mash-up of pop-art. Additionally different style-lines and imagery from various cultures were accented throughout the collection. For the Fall/Winter collection: animal skeletons, and the human form taking on a new shape, were both main points of inspiration. Moreover, Mac collaborated with artist Dev Harlan for his runway show and collection. Dev Harlan is a projection artist, known for psychedelic references and stripes. Past designs by Mac, have been worn by major celebs such as Debbie Harry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and additionally his work has been featured on the hit television show America’s Next Top Model.

Above: Artist Ian Pawelec by his painting, displayed at store Misha Nicole New York.

Above: Designer Geoffrey Mac next to three of his looks, displayed at event.

Above: Fantastic Misha Nicole store display of fashion and art.

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