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2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Overview: Music, Fashion and Celebs

London’s 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony was chock-full of wonderful events and A-list attendees. From the Queen’s skydiving descent into the Olympic arena, to David Beckham’s entrance in a speedboat down the River Thames, to Sir Paul McCartney magical musical performance, it ended up to be quite the spectacular start to the Summer Games!

Other designers not discussed in the previous 2012 Olympic Fashion article (2012 Summer Olympic-Inspired Looks and Trends  ) that were involved in designing Ceremonies looks included: Australia (Sportscraft/ Dunlop Volley) and Spain (Bosco). Russian designer brand Bosco is also designing sportswear for the 2012 Summer Preliminaries and Finals, for athletes from both Russia and the Ukraine.

The home nation, Great Britain, paraded proudly into the arena in white space jackets with gold embellishments. The Czech Republic Olympians sported adorable rubber wellies (boots) and matching umbrellas, which could be a fabulous trend for the winter season! Another adorable accessory, styled on the Americans, designed by Ralph Lauren, were chic berets. Both super polished and untucked looks were styled on the Olympians, as they walked into the gargantuan London location.

The evening began with actors creating historical scenes, which described the rise of the English Empire; for example the Industrial Revolution and modern day (with a rap performance by Dizzee Rascal) were themes for scenes. Additionally dance numbers were performed, according to the Eras. Works from William Shakespeare, J.K. Rowlings, and many other notable English authors were referenced in one way or another in the Ceremony, as well. Fireworks topped off the evening’s festivities. Director Danny Boyle, the mastermind behind the film “Slumdog Millionaire” directed the 2012 London Opening Ceremony.

Celebrities who participated in the Opening’s Events included: actor Daniel Craig, Champion Muhammad Ali, athlete David Beckham, rower Steve Redgrave, (Mr. Bean actor) Rowan Atkinson and Queen Elizabeth II (and her skydiving stunt double). Musical numbers were performed by the Arctic Monkeys and Sir Paul McCartney. Various celebrities who enjoyed the events of the Opening included: Prince Philip, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine), Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Sofia of Spain, politician Mitt Romney, Ann Romney and actress Nicole Kidman.

Image Above: Team USA proceeded into the 2012 Opening Ceremony in preppy Ralph Lauren apparel. (Photo Credit: Yahoo)

Image above: Snapshot of the United Kingdom’s Royals (and guests) observing London’s Opening Ceremony. (Photo credit: Calgary Sun)

Image above: Stunt doubles, for both James Bond and Queen Elizabeth II, skydived over the Olympic arena in London, during the Ceremony. This was both hilarious and incredible! (Photo credit: Calgary Sun)


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