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Chanel Fall Couture 2012

The 2012 Chanel Fall Couture fashion line was held this year in one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite venues, the Grand Palais.
Built originally for the 1900’s World Fair, according to Lagerfeld the venue has yet to be used since then.  Embellishing the venue with beautiful couture and design was not enough for Lagerfeld, lining the pathways, stairs, and extra space with an abundance of trees spotted with camellias (how ever, when one looks closely they will notice they were not natural, but Chanel silk).  On the ground level we have white wicker furniture, providing an excellent environment for this summer presentation, all under a beautiful mural of clouds that took a full three weeks to paint in preparation.

The collection had the audience in a trace, as each and every piece that passed was as unique as it was tender.  Establishing a new age vintage statement, it is clear those 100 years after the first “little black dress.”

“It’s the next vintage, and what Chanel should be 100 years after the house opened” says Lagerfeld.

The collection, while still high-end couture, could all be considered ready-to-wear, establishing Lagerfeld’s expertise at fusing elegance with the ability to wear it for many occasions.  The colors chosen for the pieces were different mixes of white, gray, black, and pink.  Holding a sporty edge to the amazing coats and schoolgirl dress style, Lagerfeld is making us all wish it was winter!

The amount of detail that is put into Chanel’s clothes has always separated it from other brands, and this collection was no exception.  With embroidered tweeds, beautify executed lace patchwork, feathers, winged collars, and jeweled halters, the collection left no inch untouched and developed for this magnificent line.

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