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Designer Linda Rowe Thomas

Designer Linda Rowe Thomas and the revamp of the little black dress.

With her Back2Black inspired collection, designer Linda Rowe Thomas has revamped the little black dress. Her inspirations and muse being  Jackie O, which was the era she grew up in. A classic style that we all love and, besides, every girl needs a little black dress. Linda was born with the talent, and the passion for fashion from watching her mother as a little girl. She has made her debut into the fashion mainstream after 11 years of experience by showing her collection Romas by Linda Rowe Thomas at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010,  highly acclaimed reviews, and onto the red carpets. How inspiring and exciting  to have your designs being worn by celebrities at the Gospel Steller Awards, Golden Globe events, and the 2011 ESPY’S. A talented designer with a gorgeous collection. Even the New York Examiner named her as one of the 2011 trendsetters “One  to Watch”. I knew I had to keep my eye out and I’m always looking forward to what’s next. Check out Linda’s collection as well as her upcoming official studio/showroom  opening 8/3/2012. Also, you can keep up with Linda in Febuary 2013, at New York Fashion Week.

Images by Zone Photography & SoulfulShots Photography


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