False Fashion for Team U.S.A. 2012

For the 2012 United States American team, it was found out that the sponsor Ralph Lauren had the outfits manufactured in China!
Ralph Lauren Corp. is a sponsor for the U.S.A. teams casual clothing lines for all of the athletes attending London as well as outfitting the Olympic and Paralymic teams for the closing ceremony.  Ralph Lauren was chosen partially based off the fact that they have had a long reputation of being an iconic American design figure on a global level, however the clothes that were designed for this years U.S. Olympic athletes was according to many sources made in China… What type of support does this show for the Country!?!

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In Washington a Ralph Lauren spokesman was asked to comment on this hot issue and declined to respond either way.

After these reports were leaked out Ralph Lauren was producing the American teams outfits in china Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) and Rep. Steve Israel (D., N.Y.) sent a letter together to Lawrence F. Probst, (the chairmen of the USOC) filled with outrage, and explain that a committee must be called to fix the issue and produce new uniforms in the U.S. by American workers for the Team U.S.A. for this and every Olympic game to come.

“When America’s best athletes are representing our country on the world stage, we should be representing the best of American-made goods.  The pride of our Olympic athletes goes hand-in-hand with the pride in American innovation and manufacturing. We shouldn’t be going to the world stage with anything less. From head to toe, Team USA must be made in America” Gillibrand stated in the letter.

“It is disgraceful that our American athletes will be wearing Chinese-made uniforms during the Olympics. We should be promoting American-made goods and supporting our domestic manufacturers and laborers.”
- says Steve Israel

In one of the most dramatic letters written Senator Majority leader Harry Reid (D., Nev). Said that the Olympic committee should burn every single one of the uniforms and start over from scratch!


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