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Marc Jacobs Traveled to Shanghai for Major Two Day Extravaganza

Marc Jacobs and the Vuitton team traveled to Shanghai, China for a two-day extravaganza, which included a fashion show, store opening, exhibition opening and a Brand anniversary celebration.

To kick start the trip, “Louis Vuitton celebrated the reopening of its enlarged and refurbished flagship in the Plaza 66 (shopping) mall with a cocktail and gala dinner that featured a performance of two Chopin nocturnes by classical pianist Li Yundi” (WWD). Celebrity attendees for this opening and dinner party: Clémence Poésy, Laetitia Casta and Alexa Chung. This store is one of it largest square footage spaces in the world (but still smaller than the Champs-Elysées flagship location). Future store locations, set to be opened: Beijing, Hangzhou, Heifei, Shijiazhuang and Kazakhstan.

Details of Vuitton Shanghai interiors: LV monogrammed metal and glass; Italian marble floors, a circular staircase, a private VIP floor, outdoor terraces, an installation by artist Teresita Fernández, and sculptures by artist Qiu Zhijie. It is noted that for the most part Chinese consumers are seeking to purchase original, luxurious products; and the Shanghai LV location provides this. In addition, “Vuitton has staged an exhibition in the atrium of the Plaza 66 mall showcasing the brand’s history and long-standing connection with the world of travel”(WWD); and the exhibition includes archive items such as a 1930 logoed desk trunk and nurse outfits created by Jacobs.

“The same vintage locomotive that awed the industry audience in Paris pulled into a massive set erected on the waterfront of the historic Bund” (WWD) for Vuitton latest runway show held in Shanghai. The train traveled on the Trans-Siberian railway from the Louvre’s Cour Carrée, which had been a previous runway “backdrop”, earlier in March 2012. (The locomotive was boated as well.) Post-show, celebs were photographed beside and within the train’s corridors. Celebs who attended this Vuitton show: Laetitia Casta, Fan Bingbing, Alexa Chung and Gong Li. The theme of the ready-to-wear show was heritage and workmanship. Following the show Lana Del Rey performed.

Additionally, this two-day excursion to the Far East was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LV in China. Marc Jacobs is noted for stating “This is going to be my big Shanghai moment.” And it sure appeared to be a successful and efficient visit!

Above image: Vuitton models exiting caboose, during shanghai runway show. (Photo credit: WWD/ Dave Tacon)

Above image: Marc Jacobs and (vintage locomotive) runway set in Shanghai. (Photo credit: WWD/ Dave Tacon)

Above Image: Louis Vuitton luggage currently displayed in China’s Plaza 66. (Photo credit: WWD/ Jackson Lowen)


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