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Napa Valley Event: Winery O’Brien Estate hosts musical band The Song Project at Silo’s

Bart and Barb O’Brien, owners of the winery O’Brien Estate, hosted an evening of musical performances by the established band The Song Project at Silo’s, Napa’s Premiere Music Room.

To start off the event’s festivities, an intimate reception was held at the O’Brien Estate winery. This was a special occasion, where guests were invited to privately tour the winery, vineyards, tasting room, retail shop, and grounds.

The Song Project is (noted for) redefining jazz for a new generation by expanding jazz improvisations to songs ranging from Radiohead, Paul McCartney, AC/DC to Cole Porter, Miles Davis and more. Each artist embraces multiple genres displaying virtuosity on their instruments and creating a signature sound by weaving the rhythmic and textural elements of didgeridoo, guitar, trumpet and rhythm section, enhanced with raw, emotional vocals.” (Obtained via TSP online source.) The didgeridoo is a unique wind instrument, which creates an out-of-this-world deep jungle sound; moreover it is a natural wooden trumpet, referred to as a “drone pipe” that was developed by Indigenous Australians 1,500 years ago. Mark Rapp and Derek Lee Bronston (members of the band The Song Project)are masters of their instruments and are tech gurus. They created an impressive App for Apple IPhones and Ipads that combines melodies with artwork. The artist who collaborated with the band, to create the artwork for the Applum, is none other than Award wining designer/photographer Sean Mosher-Smith, acclaimed for designing masterful art for music stars Iggy Pop, Lenny Kravitz and K.T. Tunstall. Jazz artist Mark Rapp is known for his studies under legendary piano Master Ellis Marsalis. Currently Mark Rapp and Derek Lee Bronston are touring the U.S., most recently performed at the 2012 San Francisco’s Historic Fillmore Jazz Festival. Accompanying the duo at Silo’s on the Tabla drums, a North Indian traditional percussion instrument, was special guest performer Rajiv Parikh who toured with the San Francisco jam band New Monsoon for several years.

The musicians merged their music and O’Brien wine experience into the show, by pairing each song performed with a specific wine from O’Brien Estate. To fully experience the evening, the O’Brien Estate wine was available to all guests at Silo’s. What differentiates this particular winery is their mission to combine the passion of both wine and the progression of love and romance. “The story is told through the names of each wine and the poetry on the back of each label” (obtained via O’Brien Estate online source). The amorous labels include Flirtation, Attraction, Romance of the Heart, Seduction, Passion of the Soul, Devotion, and Reflection. Poetry was also incorporated between various musical segments, during the performance at Silo’s.

Above: From left, Barb and Bart O’Brien, owners of O’Brien Estate Napa Valley winery, in their retail shop during the reception.

Above: From left, Mark Rapp playing trumpet, center Rajiv Parikh playing the Tabla drums and to their right vocalist and guitarist Derek Lee Bronston.

Above: From left, Mark Rapp playing the didgeridoo, and to his right, Rajiv Parikh playing the Tabla drums.

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