China: The Latest Fashion Frontier

Fashion designer Romeo Gigli launched a private label for Joyce, a Hong Kong department store.

Both Andrew Keith (the CEO of Joyce) and Italian designer Gigli have completely embraced this collaboration! The latest Gigli line includes wardrobe styles: large-collar capes, fur-collared coats and multi-color, paisley-printed skirts. The Gigli line will be sold later this month in cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Venice. In addition, the Italian designer is producing a spring 2013 collection for the Joyce label. He is famous for his romantic silhouettes and Renaissance-styled attire.

This is not Gigli’s first time working with the department store. The mutual respect and loyalty the designer has acquired, originated many years ago when Joyce Ma, the founder of Joyce, began selling looks from Gigli’s first collections.

Additionally, designer Gigli will be speaking at various Chinese Institutions, about his private label’s various points-of-inspiration. The schools include: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Institute of Textiles and Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Hong Kong, a special administrative region, of China, appeared to be a great place to sell an apparel collection, in 2012, because of the culture’s current outlook on art, the fashion industry. Their fresh, open-mindness is apparent through current state of China’s industrial revolution and creative renaissance. These days China is so much more than a manufacturing country with its Chinese youth (artists and designers) rediscovering and reinventing the Chinese aesthetic.

Other designers such as Marc Jacobs and Isaac Mizrahi are also looking to Asia for either style-inspiration, or brand expansion. Isaac Mizrahi spoke to Fashion News Live earlier this year, and touched upon his interests in the Asian markets.

For more on Marc Jacobs and his travels to China:

Marc Jacobs Traveled to Shanghai for Major Two Day Extravaganza

Image: Fashion designer Romeo Gigli and Joyce CEO Andrew Keith photographed in Hong Kong. (Photo credit: Joyce Hong Kong/

Image: The private label looks merchandised in department store Joyce. (Photo credit: Gareth Jones/ WWD)

Image: Joyce’s red window display in Hong Kong. (Photo credit: Gareth Jones/WWD)

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