Hottest London Town Trend: The Nike Flyknit Racer

What is the hottest trend that has emerged from London this summer during the 2012 Games? It is the brightly hued lime-green Nike Flyknit Racer shoe.

Not only are the Olympic athletes faster and more skilled than four year ago, their sportswear is even more trendy with higher performance! Nike, the leading athletic sportswear brand, developed the winning looks for Team USA’s medal ceremonies, as well as for various countries involved in London’s Summer Track & Field events.

One of Nike’s standout products is the Nike Flyknit Racer shoe, which is neon-colored. It is different than any other shoe in the market, because its’ components are knit like a sock. To create this shoe, new machines and different fabrication techniques were developed. Not only is this shoe comfortable for the superhuman athletes, but it also keeps them quite stable and supported. The final Flyknit pattern, which took a few years to design and execute, has a lightweight knit upper, which makes it very easy to wear; as if one is wearing a pair of socks, with great sole support. The goal of this Olympic-standard product, stated by Tony Bignell, director of footwear innovation at Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, was to “engineer a sock into a high-performance shoe”. The Nike sneaker is made up of a feather-light, high-quality polyester yarn, which makes for fantastic durability and elasticity. Supportive cables and a Lunarlon cushion sole makes the shoe stable, and wonderful to move around in.

This innovative accessory has become even more in demand, because of its ability to be produced in numerous trendy colors. This is possible, because of the warp and weft of the product. The textured knit and the color options for the shoes, make this product a strong fashion statement. In addition, because this fashionable footwear is almost seamless, it eliminates much of the waste from typical footwear manufacturing, which reduces the cost of production and as a result improves the profit margins.

Olympic Track & Field participants from the United States, Kenya and Russia, are currently competing in Nike’s special sneakers. Moreover, a limited edition collection called the HTM Flyknit has similar design elements to the Racer. This design is a bit more streetwear-friendly and will be sold in cities: New York City, Tokyo and London.

Additionally, the podium-wear worn by the 2012 USA Medalists include: grey Nike 21st C. Windrunners, and Nike Athletic Dept Striker Track Pants. These outfits, along with the neon shoes, are styled on both men and women.

Various A-list American athletes seen wearing this wardrobe during the 2012 Olympic medal award ceremonies include: The Fab Five (gymnasts Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross), gymnast Danell Leyva, Iconic Olympian Michael Phelps, swimmer Ryan Lochte, swimmer Missy Franklin, swimmer Elizabeth Beisel, and 15-year-old champion Katie Ledecky. Other Olympians seen around London Town strutting in their Nike Flyknit Racers include: Team USA basketball player LeBron James and his teammates Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant.

Image: Neon green Nike sneaker. (Photo credit: Fast Company Design)

Image: Michael Phelps (gold medalist) and Ryan Lochte (silver medalist) during 2012 Olympics ceremony for 200-Meter swimming race. Both athletes wore Nike attire (jackets, sweatpants, and sneakers) on the podium. (Photo credit: 2000 Music Radio)

Image: All USA gymnasts (Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross) wore these NIKE sneakers upon being rewarded with gold, for their performance in the team challenge. (Photo credit: News 444)

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