Knock Knock Cotton, its Crailar!

Nylon, Cotton, and Linen may be a thing of the past! 
One of the hottest new developments revolving around the fashion and textile industry is a new material called Crailar.  The fiber is quite similar to linen, however the Federal Trade Commission claims it to be a new natural fiber that is created from flax and various bast fibers.  The FTC said “The Crailar process involves a manner of obtaining flax fibers that does not chemically alter them,” and that “the attributes of the fibers differ from those of linen.”

Photo Credit: ecouterre

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Certified Bio based Product label was awarded to the newly developed Crailar.  This award confirms the product being a renewable bio based created material that satisfies USDA standards.

“Our process results in a pure flax product that feels and can be cared for like cotton, and we believe that articulating that at retail is an important part of the unique brand proposition for Crailar flax, to the merchandising opportunities of our partner brands and to the relationship we intend to build with consumers.” Said Jay Nalbach ,chief marketing officer of Naturally Advanced Technologies Inc., the producer / marketer of Crailar.

Some of the first companies to get their hands on this material for their products include Hanesbrands Inc.,  Levi Strauss & Co. Georgia-Pacific, Brilliant Global Knitwear, and PVH Corp.

Some of the advantages of the product include its resulting soft, and natural flax-based fiber that easily blends with cotton, wool, and other natural fibers.

Last month the NAT delivered 100,000 pounds of this fiber to Target Corp. introducing it to the ready to wear retail market.  Just last week NAT gained a private placement financing for massive production to begin in the later half of 2013.

What will this new product do to the current cotton industries? Only time will tell. Thankfully, it blends well with the other fibers, however time will tell about his and other newly developed fibers such as Abaca ( a type of hemp), NILIT, and NeoShell.


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