MACs Back and Holding Ground!

Twenty years ago the company MAC had established itself as the go-to company for ready to wear makeup for the runway to the customers house.


Despite the heavy reputation MAC already has, the company is now expanding from the United States into the European marketplace as well as becoming the next sponsor for the upcoming rtw shows. “We are reinforcing our position that we are the [beauty] brand of record for fashion. It’s about living fashion every day. Fashion week has always been an important part of MAC’s DNA — even back when fashion week was basically a trade show — and these new initiatives help show why.” – ,” said John Demsey, group president of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. This year the company will be hosting a performance from hip-hop artist Azealia Banks at the MAC Cosmetics SoHo store during the upcoming New York Fashion Week / Fashion Night Out.  DJ Cosmo (Banks choice DJ) will be spinning for the parties and to top it off, Banks will be creating and selling her own limited edition lipstick Line “Yung Rapunxel.” The color is that of a blackened purple and will be selling for $15.


On September 8th Mercedes Benz will be hosting a private party that will be sponsored from MAC to celebrate Carine Roitfelds new fashion bi-annual, CR Fashion Book.  To top it all off in October MAC will also be sponsoring Andre Leon Talley’s “Little Black Dress” collection, which will be held at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Outside of the mainland in Europe MAC will sponsor nails in London, Paris, and Milan for the 7th season in a row and will also be the official cosmetic sponsor of Made (Fashion shows held at Milk Studios).  To average the amount of work this company is doing it roughly comes to 840 fashion shows in 23 fashion weeks per year.


How is it that MAC is able to sponsor so much and be so successful with their target audience?

“Our artists backstage are using products sometimes years before they are launched to the public,” said Demsey. “It’s a real-world test. If there are tweaks needed — particularly with the texture, color, application and finish — the team lets the product development team know.”


Keep an eye out for these upcoming events across New York as well as across the world! With over 100,000 followers on Tumblr, 3.6 million of Facebook  and 80,000 on Twitter MAC has truly dominated this market place, both physically and digitally… key in the modern fashion industry.

Photo Credit: themakeupsnob

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