New York City Event: “RAYS” A Collaboration Between Nigel Barker and Nicki Muller

In a gallery near Greenwich Village, a group of notable fashion faces congregated to admire the work of photographer Nigel Barker and his collaborative partner Nicki Muller.

Celebrities present at the Opening Event of the Art Exhibition “RAYS” included: Nigel Barker, model and CoverGirl representative Cristen Barker; and fashion model Coco Rocha. The event was supported by Banfi Centine for every day and (T)here.

Heart-felt and conceptually inspired compositions were displayed at the exhibition; and this included beautiful black and white photography taken by Nigel Barker of Ms. Muller, and then further manipulated by the young artist. The uniqueness of this art was how it transformed from photography into masterful works of art.

Nigel Barker is best known for his work with the hit television show America’s Next Top Model, and his philanthropic work with charities. He met Nicki seven years ago, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation organization. This is where the inspirational collaborative artistry began. Nicki stated, “When I was diagnosed with brain cancer (earlier in my life) I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to discuss such intense emotional experiences together. But Nigel was straight with me, when we had conversations (about) my living.” In addition, Nigel Barker’s wife, Cristen, is an influence in Nicki’s artistry, because of her strength and ability to be such a powerful female.

Nicki, who is interested in the studies of psychology and various mediums of art, has combined these two loves to create some of her best work to date. Moreover, she draws her inspiration from the medical field, and theories of fate and ephemeral.

A personal quote from Nicki’s online forum illustrates her passions and inspiration for her art, “Life is an interesting experience to say the least. I now continue this life with power that fuels me. There is power in this world if we give it strength. I believe in the power of this living; this creation.”

For more on artist Nicki Muller and her inspirational story:

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An Artist’s Story: Nicki Muller “Bone To Brain” New York City Solo Exhibition

Image: From left, Nigel Barker, Nicki Muller and fashion model Coco Rocha, photographed during the RAYS Opening Reception. (Photo credit: Instagram/ @cocorocha)

Image: From left, Cristen Barker, Nicki Muller and Nigel Barker, photographed during NYC Opening. (Photo credit: Kenneth Muller)

Image: Nicki Muller photographed by Nigel Barker for the Rays Collaboration. (Photo credit: Nigel Barker Photography)

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