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Top Trends from West Coast Trade Shows

A convention was held in Las Vegas, where major retail buyers from around the globe viewed Spring / Summer 2013 collections with the hottest styles and trends.

Runway shows, along with designer and brand presentations were showcased to retailers including such recognizable names as The Men’s Wearhouse Inc. and Macy’s Inc. Many factors come into play when these retailers are choosing collections for their retail stores and websites. Current best sellers, price points, target market, as well as the latest fabric techniques, are all considerations when making the buy for the season.

Standout trends from the Las Vegas trade shows include; colored denim, “athleisure” and pops of colors.

Many buyers and retail executives noted that tank tops were the most in demand product this season.  They also shared the product categories they would be purchasing for their companies for Spring 2013, which includes tailored suits, shirts, neckwear, shoes, slim fit tuxedos, tops (collegiate-inspired looks) and updated sport coats. Other trends in apparel are athleisure (fashion lingo for active-inspired sportswear), and printed frocks. Furthermore, many retailers believe transition pieces are important so customers can purchase a look, and have confidence it can make it through more than one season. Colors trends for Spring 2013 collections are neon accents, neutrals, and white. Fabrics to look for when buying your spring wardrobe: linen blends, spring suede, performance fabrics and denim (both colored and waxed). Be confident in adding the new colors and fabrications to your wardrobe for the Spring 2013 season.


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Image: Menswear look from The Doneger Group show in Vegas. (Photo credit: WWD/ Bryan Haraway)

Image: Menswear look from The Doneger Group show in Vegas. (Photo credit: WWD/ Bryan Haraway)

Image: Menswear look from The Doneger Group show in Vegas. (Photo credit: WWD/ Bryan Haraway)


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Mac Duggal at New York Fashion Week Art Hearts NYFW FW/17

Mac Duggal showed an excellent collection, with playful tea lengths for daytime, and ethereal goddess style gowns for evening.

Both silhouettes favored a warm color palette, making it even easier for the modern fashionista to transition from daytime drinks to evening gala.

Across of all the styles, there was a distinct emphasis on the waist, using a variety of gems, belts, and empire seams. For those who prefer to show a bit of leg, there were also options with daring thigh-high slits and sheer panels.

This collection anticipates the complex needs of the modern woman and makes sure she looks impeccable in every one of them.

3 4 5

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Pineda Covalin at New York Fashion Week Art Hearts NYFW FW/17

The designer’s iconic look has been very colorful for the past couple of seasons. This collection explores softer tones, but still has the essence of Coavalin.

2 3 4



The makeup in this season is very light and natural. The silky fabric flows with ease and grace.The men’s collection, used darker tones to complement the women’s clothing. Blazers were very modern with open cuts between the sleeves. The looks are fresh and sophisticated.

photo credit: Getty Images / Arun Nevader

Dair by Odair Pereira at New York Fashion Week

This collection is full of bright colors and pop art accessories.

Small handbags are coming back, and these designs are amazing!

 Dark glasses were used on the runway to bring edginess to the looks. Every single piece has its own theme. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece collection. This collection carries a variety of different cuts and designs.

 1 2 3 4 5 634628790.509232546

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Ellena De Luna at New York Fashion Week Art Hearts

Fur, fur, and more fur! This collection has fur all over it. From long coats to medium coats to small coats, even sleeveless! You pick the length and color, and Ellen can handle the rest.3 4

From green coats to tan coats to dark brown coats, and even combined all into one beautiful piece. She’s got them all in this collection. From long coats to medium coats to small clothes even sleeveless!

   This collection is fit for a queen! Who wouldn’t wear a crown like that?


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Vaishali S New York Fashion Week Art Hearts

Neutral colors white, black, tan, and navy blue on the runway. Many layers of fabric, a lot of different textures. There was something different about this show; the models were enjoying their makeup and taking selfies on their phones during the show.


The large necklaces made a statement. Although some of you might be thinking that the jewelry is too much, that’s not the case here. This is an excellent example below:




One piece of big jewelry is the answer to getting a chic look like this. The colors and textures of the fabric combined complement each other very well in this collection.









    Beautiful show Vaishali!

photo credit: Getty Images / Arun Nevader

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