Victoria Beckham’s got 20/20

After launching her sunglasses line 20 years ago, Beckham has just released her first line of optical frames to her increasing portfolio. 

For as long as she can remember, Beckham has always been looking for the perfect pair of optical frames, however never able to find just the right ones. She has decided to utilize her resources and creativity and create a new line of frames with the help of Culter & Gross.

Photo Credit: celebrity-sunglasses

“I do need to wear glasses — [but] I haven’t found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like,” Beckham told WWD. “I’ve always been quite self-conscious [about this], so that’s why I’ve decided to do them myself.”
This six-piece collection will debut at Silmo Paris on October 4th and will without a doubt be quite the show.  The glasses come in three-color ways, however the main focus in on black, tortoise, topaz, yellow, and forest green.  All of the frames are handcrafted in Italy and created from various metals and acetate. The tips of every pair have refined diamonds in the shape of a “V”.  The level of detail in the glasses is astounding, including elements of sepia stained coloring, horn, pearl oyster interiors, and tortoiseshell minutiae’s.

A single pair of these beauties undergoes a four-week production comprised of 37 different assembly processes.  Tumbled for a week with resin chips and going through two states of hand polishing the glasses will come to a grand total of $410 a pair coming to stores between January and February.

“I will be wearing my glasses now, and it will be nice to see where I will be going for once,” – V. Beckham


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