Vogue Paris: la Grande Dame Gets a Face Lift

90 year old Vogue Paris is undergoing a major remodel of its presentation.

According to Vogue, “In anticipation of a shift in the mentality and behaviour of its readers, Vogue has taken the decision to revisit the way it presents itself, without changing the fundamentals. A new layout, and new section organization have been designed to provide this iconic magazine with greater harmony, and better readability, rhythm and femininity, as befits the leading women’s fashion title.”

“New typefaces, new sections, new guests, and a new pace – a whole new look that will give content fresh impetus.” stated Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief.  “To celebrate the event, Vogue is boldly launching a fashion issue devoted to “black”, proof that although it embraces change, it remains the ultimate arbiter of elegance!”

Every lady needs a change up every now and then and 90 year old Vogue Paris is no exception.

Alt goes on to state, “To maintain that creative lead, Vogue must constantly be able to surprise, never rest on its laurels, always innovate and anticipate. At the same time, Vogue is also a guarantee of enduring values, timeless refinement and impeccable good taste, which finds its inspiration in the roots of the past. Vogue holds to its points of view, which go beyond trends.”

So though Vogue may have a different look to it, the content will still have the same  cutting edge writing and stories the public has come to love over the last 90 years.

Here are a few glimpses of the new look:




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