When is a Louboutin…. Not?

20,000 pairs of counterfeit Christian Louboutin shoes were seized today in a huge bust of fake designer red-bottomed shoes on the way from China to Los Angeles.
Another shipment was seized July 27. A HUGE giveaway that the shoes were fake as real ones would be shipped from their place of origin, France.

The shoes, known for their trademark red bottom have a very distinct China Red color and the surface is smooth. The agents found the color off and the surface rough with ridges, not the quality expected of an eight thousand dollar shoe . They were so bad they weren’t even fooled.

“The lacquered red sole in women’s shoes is a distinctive symbol of famous French designer Christian Louboutin,”  Ruiz said in a statement, and are also “a trademark protected by U.S. law.”

The shoes, worth more than $18 million in the US were probably going to be sold at swap meets and on the internet according to Jaime Ruiz a U.S. Customs and Border protection spokesman.

First…HUGE clue your stuff is fake when you buy it at a swap meet,( but you really already knew that and just didn’t care, be honest).

SECOND…Part of the experience of the shoe is BUYING it. If you are buying a pair of Louboutins, the sales person is going to be bringing you champagne and treats and telling you how wonderful the shoes are and how FABULOUS they look on you and “don’t you have just the most perfectly darling foot for them”. Why cheat yourself out of that experience?

The U.S. is number one in catching counterfeit products. (Thank you border guards, it gives me greater confidence about the really bad stuff being found!!) Good job U.S.! Keep us from spending our hard earned money on fake stuff. But we separate greatly in opinion when I found out what the consequences to the poor shoe is.

According to Ruiz, the shoes will most likely be destroyed.  WHAT!!!!! Fake or not it is a perfectly good piece of clothing!!!

Why should the shoes suffer!! They should be confiscated and given to organizations that help provide clothing for jobs!! Who cares at that point that they are fake? Make those Chinese Counterfeiters know that their products are providing footwear for out of work Americans to be able to go find jobs! I think that would irritate them more than knowing they were destroyed!!

More on Counterfeit and fraud right here on Fashion News Live:

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Images By: shoes.tv, latimesblogs.com, dondivamag.com


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