Mini skirt

50th Birthday of Mini Skirt

Did you know mini skirt’s 50th birthday is almost here?  That small piece of clothes, unconventional for that time, have moved fashion limits.


A mini skirt is a kind of skirt no longer than 10cm below the buttocks. The Miniskirt has made so many changes – women have been more focused on legs, tights and shoes. Years after, shorts and mini dresses was the absolutely trend.

We are not sure if minis were invented exactly in 1962.or 1963. but for sure, we know it is the invention of Mary Quant, owner of a popular clothes shop in London, and her friends Archie McNair and Alexander Plunket Greene.  She emphasized that she wanted to invent something practical and liberating for women, who can freely ” run for a bus”. Mary told that “length depend from the customers – skirts were already short but women wanted  shorter and shorter”. Mini skirt was named after the Mini Cooper car,  Mary’s favorite one. They reflect the time and changes from the 60’s – growth of feminism, political and cultural moves, freedom in every way. That’s how the mini was  – unconventional, new, free.

In the years after, mini’s were brought into haute couture by YSL and others, which moved mini’s to the higher level in fashion. Paco Rabanne also have done a lot for mini’s, creating one from plastic chain-mail. All the changes that mini’s brought were big. Beside the new era in fashion had begun, also the lifestyle of young girls, minds and thinking also changed. Mini’s were perfect for the new models with tiny legs, such as Twiggy.

Mini mania lasts for a decade and it was back again in 90’s. Let’s bet, how many creators will give honor to mini in next season? I think many, too!

Anyway, wish a happy birthday to amazing mini skirt!


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