Barney’s & Walt Disney Hit the Runway

Yes… you read this correctly, this coming November get ready in New York for a uncommon collaboration.

The collaboration is entitled “Electric Holiday” and will be released on November 14th at the Barneys Madison Avenue flagship store.  The event itself will have a three-dimensional electric light show as well as art short films in various window displays.  The displays will show the worlds favorite Disney stars such as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck will be walking digital runways to the original score composed by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino.

The overall theme will be based off of Dinseys famous electrical parade however they will utilize the special lighting installations that are based out of the New York holidays.  Barneys will work with Dinsey every step of the way to ensure that their artistic concepts are accurate to the modern fashion world (or as close as possible).  Freedman describes the important points in designing the show by saying “The world of the Paris fashion shows, of fashion, of people in fashion, of the rituals, all of the idiosyncrasies. The important thing to me was always that it had to be authentic. It really had to hit the nail on the head in every detail.”

The film itself will be based off the character Minnie Mouses dream to be at the Paris fashion shows.  In her adventures she runs across major Disney characters (including Goofy, Daisy Duck, Cruella de Vil, Princess Tiana, and Snow White) which have been designed to present unique designer collections in a never-before-scene fashion.

For the collections themselves

Photo Credit: timeinc

Mickey will be dressed by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga

Minnie by Alber Elbaz for Lavin

Goofy by Oliver Rousteing for Balmain

Daisy by Dolce & Gabbana

Cruella by Rick Ownens

Princess Tiana by Proenza Schouler

Snow White by Peter Copping for Nina Ricci.

 Photo Credit: onsugar

“The animator and I sat next to each other and went over every detail of the clothes — how they’re made, what material, how they would move — to get them as accurate as we possibly could” says Freedman.  In order to get the most accurate for the animation he even took a model to their meetings in Glendale, California saying “to walk the hallways of Disney, and they studied how she walked. I said, ‘You can’t make the film without understanding every detail of how she walks, what her facial expression is, and how she stares ahead.”

“This project is very different from any other we have done in the past. For the most part, labels have asked to come into our archives for ideas, and then interpret what we do. This is the perfect marriage between both our companies. The fact that we are getting most of our characters dressed by the best fashion houses out there is pretty incredible.” – Luis Fernandez, senior vice president of creative for Disney Consumer Products

Barneys will be donating 25% from the Electric Holiday sales to a charity that it will be announcing soon.  The collaboration between Barneys and Disney will no doubt bring joy to all ages this holiday season.


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