Seal Opens Up the Closet Door

“I guess I didn’t expect any better from him {Martin Kristen} I would have preferred Heidi show a little bit more class and at least wait until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help as it were,” Seal told TMZ as he walked through the airport, insinuating that the relationship with Heidi and her body guard of 4 years  began before he and Klum announced their split in January. “But I guess you now all have the answer that you’ve been looking for the past seven months.”

Heidi Klum and Seal
Image by crushable.com

Seal gives up the skeletons in the closet!! It seems that maybe Seal thinks there had been a little something going on with Heidi and her body guard, Martin Kristen.

“To be quite honest, if there is going to be somebody else in their lives, I’d much rather it was a familiar face,” Seal goes on to say to TMZ at the airport.

Well , well Heidi. the body guard seems to have certainly lived up to his title! Seal seems to think he has been guarding  your body zealously.

They all enjoyed a vacation together with Heidi’s parents.

Klum, the kids, her mom and the body guard.
Image by dailymail.co.uk

Image by dailymail.co.uk

Enjoying some exercise in the city together.

Image by dailymail.uk.co and SWAP/Splash News

Seal, you may be upset, but remember, whatever you say now to the press will be found on Google by your kids in the future. There is a reason for the saying “Skeletons in your closet”. This one should have a nice little shelf that you stick it on and never go there again, at least in public, for the children’s sake.


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