Victoria’s Dirty Secret…

The brand Victoria’s Secret as well as its parent company Limited Brands Inc., are now being sued by the hosiery supplying company Zephyrs. 

The lawsuit is up to $15 million and the company Zephyrs has had enough of Victoria’s dirty little secrets.  Joseph Gioconda (principal of Manhattan-based Gioconda Law Group PLLC representing Zephyrs) stated that the complaint unsealed this past Friday claimed that Victoria’s Secret was directly misleading consumers by selling a different product than what was on the cover of their merchandise.

“Victoria’s Secret changed the product in the packaging but didn’t change anything else except Made in Canada on the back of the package. It used to say Made in Italy,” said Gioconda.

The main issue in a situation like this is the breach of contract regarding false advertising directly breaking the consumer protection laws. This is regarded as consumer fraud in California, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Ohio.  If the lawsuit were to go through not only would the money have to be delivered, but also a recall of the products being accused would be placed in action.

The main product at state here are V.S.’s leggings.  The leggings that are advertised with high end Zephyrs images contain cheaper lace trims, irregular borders, and they are entirely missing heel reinforcements and any form of durable construction.  Having a product like this is one thing… if you tell the customer what they are buying… Victoria, FYI you need to change more than the barcode…

“I contacted them [VS] by e-mail and had a conference call with senior management, but they never called back….When I was in Chicago in March 2012, I went to a Victoria’s Secret store and picked up a package and saw it said Made in Canada. The product inside was drastically different than what [the image] was on the package,” – Debra Mackinnon (President of Spring Lake, N.J. Zephyrs)

Photo Credit: WWD


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