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Boston Event: Colour Bloc Launch Party

This week was the official opening for Colour Bloc, a new innovative art-consulting company.

The art consulting firm, Colour Bloc focuses on providing an exceptional experience for clients in search of contemporary interior design. Colour Bloc’s stylish Founder Amelia Eichholz gave Fashion News Live an exclusive look into her new brand, favorite art pieces and perspective on the convergence of the fashion and art Worlds. NYC collectors’ club, Uprise Art, provided artwork for the event.


Our exclusive interview with Amelia Eichholz:


FNL: What makes Colour Bloc a unique art consulting company?

AE: “Starting a company in my twenties, I’m able to bring the client a fresh and innovative take on art consulting and the art world in general. With a youthful disposition, I find myself using my strong connection to technology to my advantage when helping a client locate artwork. I refer often to online art galleries like Art.sy and later send detailed larger images of pieces using Dropbox. I also tap into the talent of emerging artists more often and try to get their pieces out there!”


FNL: Why did you choose Boston, MA to launch your brand? Does Boston have a growing art culture?

AE: “Boston has been home to me for 5 years and during this time I’ve fallen in love with this city, so naturally this where Colour Bloc was created. Fortunately for me, Boston’s contemporary art scene has been continuously growing, from the new Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts to the increase in programs like Artists For Humanity. I feel fortunate to be involved in the art culture as the presence of contemporary art is finding its way into this great city!”


FNL: Where do you get inspiration from for your company’s blog?

AE: “I gather inspiration from all over; obvious and random places. I enjoy writing about museum exhibits and gallery shows in the Boston (and Manhattan) area, as well as covering design and fashion trends. It’s also important to capture my everyday influences on the blog; like an outstanding experience at a new farm to fork restaurant or my excitement over a new creative company I’ve stumbled across.”


FNL: I noticed you worked in a fashion showroom in Manhattan several summers ago. How do fashion trends influence the art world?

AE: “I don’t think fashion nor art can exist with out the presence of the other. These two creative industries play off each other through their use of shape, colour, texture and pattern. I know many artists find inspiration through current (and past) fashion trends. Artists absorb their surrounding and clothing is a very relevant part of our daily world.”


FNL: Name a few artists you admire and can you share a few pieces of their work with our readers?

AE: “I’m currently coveting Thomas Scheibitz’s paintings, Vivian Maier’s photographs, and sculptures by the great Amy Boone-McCreesh. I usually tend to gravitate towards artwork that tends to exhibit a great deal of exuberant colour and strong geometric shapes.”


Image: From left, Founder Eichholz and Britten Tyler at launch event. Photo credit: Jaclyn Lombardo Photography

Image: From left, Jennifer Erna, Amelia Eichholz, and Caroline Eichholz at event. Photo credit: Jaclyn Lombardo Photography

Image: From left, Michael Boyle and Nikki Dalrymple at event. Photo credit: Jaclyn Lombardo Photography

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