Mila Kunis Sizzles As Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive

Dear Diary,

Guess who was just named The Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire Magazine? That’s right! ME!!

Mila Kunis on the cover of Esquire. Image by (Cliff Watts/Esquire),

I knew that I was totally hot, I mean, I do date Ashton, but  FINALLY to have Esquire name me was I think even better than when everyone started forgetting that I ever made the movie (or should I say  straight-to-DVD horror film) American Psycho 2. Even though I will never forget Bill Shatner and his incredibly sexy hairpiece (Diary, he looks good even with it off, and believe me, he took it off), this Cover really, really made me happy. (Almost as happy as when Ashton and I play dress up and do Charlie’s Angels poses in the mirror.)

All in all, Dear Diary, I have had a pretty great run this year. I am one happy woman. I would say that coming from the Ukraine at a young age and moving to being considered talented, sexy, funny, the face of Dior handbags, AND I got to help save the life of a worker guy that had a seizure at my house ? I ROCK!!!! And I mean that in the most humble of ways Diary.

Whoops, here comes Ashton, gotta go! We are playing 911 tonight. I am the nervous “stress” victim and he is the sexy paramedic that answers the “call”.




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