PRIMP and POP Art Auction

Primp and POP took place at the Affaire French Lounge, raising money for the charity Live2GiveGlobal, who helps children across the world.

The art that was sold was in the American Pop style… and for some very specific reasons.  As we as society have moved into the latter half of the 20thcentury, American Pop art began to focus on brands, images, and entertainment that influenced the generations of the time.

Live2Give Global is “dedicated to the alleviation of poverty through implementing effective educational projects in developing countries” – (Live2GiveGlobal Pamphlet).

The charity also works with Beau Soleil’s Foundation Le Solstice in Switzerland and help fund the tuition costs for private schools for children in the Huruma Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.

This year Live2GiveGlobal has began a new intervention program called ERASE Stress which is “designed to significantly reduce stress and improve the students academic performance and pro-social behaviors.” – (Live2GiveGlobal).


In the ERASE (Enhancing Resiliency Among Students Experience) Stress program students will use tools such as art, music, and somatic therapies, guided imagery, and group process to positively deal with previous issues.  Teachers and paraprofessions will learn how to approach every students PTSD symptoms individually and give them the tool to cope with what has happened.


Working with artists such as those from the PRIMT and POP Art show benefits the charity’s projects with their long term goals of opening a gallery space to fund future projects.

“Some artists focus on satire, illusion and the brilliance of inner peace, while others have zoomed in on the conceptual framework of our current technological and political mark in time.  All of these voices collide in a way that should inspire our everyday lives into something meaningful.  Where we are driven by purity of intention untainted by the superficial beauty we are marketed by.”-Live2GiveGlobal


“Human nature is so predictable that it makes one into a commodity.”-Head of Development & Creative Director, Gwendolyn Phoebe

Head of Development & Creative Director, Gwendolyn Phoebe

left to right. Grace Forster, Gerard Mcnamee, Tanya Russell

Crystal sculpture by Zack Helwa


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