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The Britney’s Are Getting Younger and the Schools Are Getting Worse

“Guess who Maddie [went as] for Celebrity Day at school!” the 21-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, lil sis of Britney, wrote on Instagram. On Tuesday 4-year-old  Maddie, wore a similar school girl outfit as Brit did in the 1998 video “Baby One More Time”. Similar being she wore a pleated skirt, knee socks and a tied sweater.

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Trash talk abounds about the choice in outfits, but surprisingly I think it is cute. She is not dressed any different that you would see in an Old Navy Ad. Brit had skin showing, Jamie has her daughter covered. I have seen more skin shown on women that dress their little girls up in cheerleader outfits for Halloween.

I was all ready to absolutely slam Jamie when I heard the brew ha ha about her daughter being dressed up like Brit in her world famous video, but I have to say, I was a tad bit disappointed about not being able to write down all the good comebacks I had for this, but relieved when I saw it was all baloney. I was all ready to tell Jamie about the abuse and dangers of sexualizing her daughter, but when I saw the pictures, I just wanted to yell knock it off haters!! You got me all excited to blast Jamie for nothing. Seriously… absolutely nothing. Her little girl is cute and though it was an obvious choice for what celebrity she was portraying, pretty harmless dress.

The thing that I actually have a problem with is WHAT SCHOOL HAS CELEBRITY DAY???? That is what people should be pisssed off about. What the H does “Celebrity Day” have to do with learning or school? That is what you HATERS should be worried about!! The condition of our schools today! The fact that they think “Celebrity Day” has any educational value at all. The celebrities they should be dressing up as are Madame Curie, Paternak, and Galileo. The celebrity of INTELLIGENCE should be being stressed. THAT is what we should be OUTRAGED AT PEOPLE!!!!


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