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What Was Kim Thinking?

When you have barrels and barrels of money at your disposal and your own line of clothing and stores to draw from, why would you put this on your rather curvaceous (bordering on rather LARGE CURVES and we ain’t talking booty here…yet) body and go out in public? Who is standing beside you when you dress and when you decide, ‘yeah this is totally hot, they are gonna love it?’

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It isn’t like everyone expects every outfit to be the perfect one.  But we do expect what you do wear to not be ludicrous and ridiculous.

Yes, Kim, you are getting to an age when this style  is best left to the barely twenty somethings. There does come a day when you have to reevaluate your style and evolve to fit the times (like the times of your twenties, the times of your thirties,the time where you are coming up to your forties, those times). As Butters from South Park says,'” Her butt is like a big mountain of pudding” (that ain’t supposed to be, flattering girl!)

Yes, there are some women who are timeless and who seem to be able to pull off everything they wear. Perhaps if you were built a little more classy and not built for sex, Jessica Rabbit, it would have been a touch different. Your body is not built for this kind of play wear. Come on Kim, Did you not look in the mirror before you left? You really need to have a more critical eye. Take a look at your ass from behind. Is this really attractive?? Honey as you get older your “Baby got Back” grows and gets longer and longer. Start looking in the mirror and reign that huge mass in! It is like you are being satellited by two huge moons! Put some panties on, Kim, and have some class!! We don’t want to see your crack (more like a HUGE crevace). Seriously NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!!!!

KANYE, what the hell is the matter with you? Are you seriously trying to see how ridiculous you can get Kim to look? TELL HER IT LOOKS TACKY AND CHEAP and when you already have a reality show on showing the world your family business, she DOESN”T NEED ANYTHING ELSE TO MAKE HER LOOK TACKY AND CHEAP!!!


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