Yoox Moves to Virtual China

Two years ago the company Yoox had made the move to China, now they are taking their marketing strategy a step further by launching their new digital flagship this week. 

The site went live today and is under the URL of Yoox.cn, and contains collections as well as end-of-season clothing and accessories from many of the highest regarded designers in the world.

Pushing the barriers of technology is always at the heart of modern marketing strategy and with the new web site comes new features such as voice recognition.  With this new feature the customer is able to speak in Mandarin to the computer to better narrow down their search for item type, color, etc…

This Milan-based company entered the Chinese market in 2010 and since their first store have opened nine monobrand e-commerce sites that distribute brands such as Marni, Bally, Moncler, and Alexander Wang.

“Perceptions rarely tell the whole story…We are keen to turn the theory upside down, and in fact entered China with a full-price strategy two years ago. Chinese customers are increasingly attentive to quality beyond the product itself, in particular to service.” – Federico Marchetti (Yoox Founder / Chief Executive Officer).

According to Marchetti China is among the companies top three markets that they will be investing and developing over the next four to five years.  Yoox is moving forward with their innovations however other power houses are beginning to catch on.  Macy’s Neiman Marcus, and Zara have stated in the past few months that they would be developing their e-retail on mainland china as well as Gucci.

Controlling the experience, managing pricing strategy, especially when relying on a third party, and in some cases, fostering very exclusive and personalized images continues to be difficult and even impossible for some brands who prefer to stay out [of e-commerce],” said Yuval Atsmon, a Shanghai-based partner at McKinsey & Co.

Image Credit: Yoox


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