Trend Alert: Prada Fur Stole

Prada is blowing the fashion world away with it’s S/S 2011 collection. Not only is the collection one of the most fun and talked about from the last round of fashion weeks in September, but the ads and videos being released are fresh and have you ready to transition into the breeziness of spring. The fur stole seems to be the hottest item of the moment. The multi-colored, patterned stoles are near perfection, spotted on the likes of Marc Jacobs, Anna Dello Russo and Rihanna in her latest video, S&M, just to name a few.

These Prada stoles are attracting a lot attention and being replicated with faux fur, which we prefer over real, anyday. We want to know if you guys would rock a similar or “fake” look?

I’m sure we will be seeing this item a lot throughout spring and maybe even as an accessory on the beaches this summer. Love it or hate?

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First Look: Custo Fall 2011


custo barcelona

Inspiration for the Collection

“As the start of a new decade, 2011 is a great time for renewal and change, for breaking new ground to shake up the form and content of things.

Through work with textures, handmade details, a totally new colour palette and graphics that evolve but preserve their DNA, a whole new set of results is achieved in the FALL-WINTER 2011-12 collection from CUSTO BARCELONA.”

The collection is divided into four themed groups:


One of the sources of inspiration for this collection is a reinterpretation of the military look, put through a ‘sweet’ filter.

Texture Doll

From B-movie grunge to Camden boho and from rebel undergrads to goth Lolitas. These girls are rich kids that behave badly, unkempt, uncaring, sure of themselves and of being different.


This group features the three-dimensional aspects of the graphics and the fabrics used. Few pieces transmit a message of such marked coherence and Custo personality. A language of its own, with elements designed to work autonomously, enhanced by combinations of stunning, unusual colours.


Behind every collection is a great song, a powerful cultural fragment with a touch of the rebellious.

Via ASI Marketing

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