LookBooks Interviews Rocco!


Lookbooks.com recently interviewed our very own Rocco Leo Gaglioti for their site! The one-on-one interview includes the story behind Fashion News Live, memorable experiences, future plans for FNL, and more!

“If your name is relevant in fashion, there’s a good chance he’s caught you on camera. If you attended New York Fashion Week in recent years, you likely saw him charming guests with mic in hand. His name is Rocco Leo Gaglioti, and he’s founder, host and executive producer of Fashion News Live.

Recently I spoke with Rocco, asking him about his company and how we got his start. He was kind enough to offer the following thoughts.

Tell me the story of your company. How did it start?

I had a business plan and after showing it to a friend, he said why don’t you turn it into a TV segment. I pitched a TV treatment to UPN and they bought it. It came on after America’s Next Top Model. Eventually UPN merged with another TV station, so I put my show online. It became Fashion News Live.

I moved to LA because that’s where my agent said I needed to be. When I showed my mom one episode, I pressed play and realized there was no closed caption. It clicked, and Fashion News Live in ASL was born. I have a professional translator who goes with me now.”

To see this entire interview click here!

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83rd Academy Awards: Best Dressed!


The red carpet was beaming hot at the 83rd Academy Award Show in Los Angeles! All of our favorite celebrity stars came out recognized for more than just their talent; everyone came out in style! Ok..Maybe not everyone, but we chose a handful of stars who earned our top favorite picks!

Key Color Trends: Ravishing Reds, Pretty Purples, Navy, and Sparkling Champagnes.

Accessories: Bold red lips, Sequins, and Plenty of diamonds.



Who Are Your Oscar Favorites!!?

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Target Re-Releases Hits!

Target, best known in the fashion industry for it’s collaborations with high-end designers will be re-releasing 34 dresses this spring to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their GO International program.  Expect to see a dress or two from all past designers including Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, and Thakoon, to name a few.

Take advantage of this fun re-release from Target and grab a few frocks for the upcoming breezy weather! The collection will be available online and in stores on March 13th, while supplies last.

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Roma Boots


The next time you put on a pair of boots imagine how easy it is to make a big difference.

Here at Fashion News Live, we are all for a great and fashionable cause. I have recently been on the hunt for a cute and weather-resistant pair of rain boots. I am absolutely in love with these unisex weather proof boots by Roma. These boots sell from a hybrid company called Roma Provisions that combines business with charity. For every pair sold in the U.S–Roma For All— gives a pair to a child in need in parts of eastern and central Europe. How fab is that!??

Nothing feels greater than knowing you contributed to helping warm a child’s precious feet across the globe. Let’s not forget to mention that you yourself will feel great in a pair of these comfy boots!  Plus, there is an anniversary deal going on; Roma Boots for $59!

Roma boots are made for comfort and simplicity. They come In 5 neutral colors made with 100% Natural latex rubber construction with black trim, high-gloss or matte finish.

For more product and company details make sure you check out www.romaprovisions.com

How will you make a difference?

images/info courtesy of romaprovisions via West Overstreet

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First Look: Custo Fall 2011


custo barcelona

Inspiration for the Collection

“As the start of a new decade, 2011 is a great time for renewal and change, for breaking new ground to shake up the form and content of things.

Through work with textures, handmade details, a totally new colour palette and graphics that evolve but preserve their DNA, a whole new set of results is achieved in the FALL-WINTER 2011-12 collection from CUSTO BARCELONA.”

The collection is divided into four themed groups:


One of the sources of inspiration for this collection is a reinterpretation of the military look, put through a ‘sweet’ filter.

Texture Doll

From B-movie grunge to Camden boho and from rebel undergrads to goth Lolitas. These girls are rich kids that behave badly, unkempt, uncaring, sure of themselves and of being different.


This group features the three-dimensional aspects of the graphics and the fabrics used. Few pieces transmit a message of such marked coherence and Custo personality. A language of its own, with elements designed to work autonomously, enhanced by combinations of stunning, unusual colours.


Behind every collection is a great song, a powerful cultural fragment with a touch of the rebellious.

Via ASI Marketing

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Khloe “Futuristic” Kardashian??

Sausage Fest?

Khloe Kardashian graces the cover of YRB magazine rocking a bright red hairdo and lips for their latest issue. What are your thoughts about this cage-like apparatus on her head and sausage dress? I am not so sure whether or not this “futuristic” look suites her. What do you guys think– Hot or Not!?

images via blog.myfdb.com
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Breaking News: Ivana Trump Demands IMG Not To Showcase IVANAhelsinki Show

Fashion News Live got the exclusive breaking news that Ivana Trump,ex-wife of Donald Trump, is trying to ban and shut down IVANAhelsinki’s show from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011! An Inside source tells Fashion News Live that Ivana Trump demands that the name can not be used.

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