Purple Haze

Look lavish in lilac by channeling Amato Couture’s latest ready-to-wear collection.


Isabella Couture

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Isabella Couture at LA FW.

Art Hearts Fashion Day Three.


The New JLo Barbie Doll

Well, Mattel you have done it again. You have made a new doll in the likeness of Jennifer Lopez and once again have made her figure unrecognizable to anything that resembles JLo’s curvy body

Well, Mattel  you have done it again. You have made a new doll in the likeness of Jennifer Lopez and once again have made the figure of the doll unrecognizable to anything that resembles JLo’s curvy body. Just as the original Barbie doll is overly exaggerated to be an unrealistic version of a woman, you have cut the curves from Jennifer like you were slicing corned beef in a deli; ultra thin and very unsatisfying to receive.

Jennifer has long embraced her curvalicious form to the great delight of millions of fans. She has built her wardrobe around her booty and her thighs to show she is proud of her womanly figure and not afraid to show it. But Mattel in their misogynistic-type judgement has decided Jennifer is not perfect enough to show in true form but needed a little sculpting.  Hence the doll that looks like Jenny From the Block’s super skinny counterpart.

Let’s compare the two, shall we? Here are the dolls, dressed in outfits Jennifer has worn in real life. On the whole the dolls are pretty but with the trademark look that Mattel has established as a “real” woman’s body; big boobs, small waist, skinny thighs.


A side view showing her “JLo booty”:


Here is Jennifer dressed in the outfits in real life:






The doll is obviously not playing up her “ass”ets and is another disappointment to real women everywhere when the doll maker is once again promoting the idea that the “real woman” is going to be 36-18-33 in measurements. (Maybe in the 1800’s when women were wearing whalebone corsets and squeezing their innards into organ damaging shapes.) For once, I would like to see a doll that really shows the configuration of the person that they are trying to sell.

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Project Runway: Juston LeBlanc Spring/Summer 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Juston LeBlanc’s collection of softly draped silhouttes and muted tones was a nice collection. It is a simple and practical line with pieces suitable for business affairs or an evening out.




Lady Gaga Gets Her Gogo Back

Well after a period of having a bit of extra weight on her, Gaga has obviously gotten her GoGo back.

Well after a period of having a bit of extra weight on her, Gaga has obviously gotten her Gogo back. Here she is having date night with Taylor Kinney and heading to Chateau Marmont for din din and a relaxing evening after releasing her new single “Applause”.

Lady-Gaga-Taylor-Kinney-Chateau-Marmont-3-435x580 Lady-Gaga-Taylor-Kinney-Chateau-Marmont-5-435x580 Lady-Gaga-Taylor-Kinney-Chateau-Marmont-6-435x580 Lady-Gaga-Taylor-Kinney-Chateau-Marmont-1-435x580

She definitely looks slimmed down and back to her touring self! Taylor, and everyone else, had quite the eyeful all night. Looks like she wanted to show she was not the same girl she was just a few months ago.


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Miami Swim 2014: Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman created an incridible line that brings the east to life in these wonderful patterns based out of India influence. Looking like they walked right out of  “The Gita Swim Wear Catalouge”, these suits and cover ups are exotic and sexy.


Miami Swim 2014: Dolores Cortes

Sexy, yet slightly sweet and unexpected; Dolores Cortes sent a colorful collection of swimwear and cover ups down the runway at Mercedes-Benz 2014 Miami Swim Week to the delight of the show’s audience


Miami Swim 2014: Suboo

Vibrant colors and visually interesting patterns proclaimed themselves as Suboo model’s hit the runway in this slightly futuristic collection by Sue Di Chio.

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